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How can I get an appointment?

Services are available by appointment only. No walk-ins are accepted.  Please click the “schedule now” button to schedule your appointment.  All appointments must be booked online.  If for some reason you can not book online you can come to the office to book in person ( please call ahead). A $50 deposit for each appointment is required.

Will there be a consultation?

YES! Of course. An in person consultation is not required (but available)  On the day of your appointment we will have a full consult before starting.  Everyone wears their make up differently, and everyone’s skin, face and personal needs are different.  We will sit and talk about your expectations and what is achievable through PMU.  We will agree on placement, color, shape and size, taking measurements and making markings all before we get started.  You individual needs, personal style and skin tone are all important in choosing the right PMU. Because PMU is not a science, but an art, your color may heal lighter or differently than expected.  You will have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary perfection appointment to address and correct any issues.  In most cases it is to darken PMU that heals too lightly (always better to add then to have to take away!)
You DO NOT need to schedule an in-person consultation prior to your service.  I can answer just about anything over the phone, everything else will be discussed the day of your appointment.    If you feel more comfortable having a face to face meeting, you can schedule a consultation the cost of which ($50) will be applied to your service.
If you have specific health concerns please talk to your doctor to ensure you are a candidate for tattooing.

Do you use a tattoo machine?

There are several techniques for applying permanent make up.  One way is the hand method (no machine), also called Microblading,  which is used for very fine, natural hair strokes.  I also use a high end digital rotary machine  which has been designed to run very quiet, so you wont hear the loud buzzing associated with a traditional tattoo.

What is the difference between Microblading and Tattooing?

There isn’t one! Microblading IS permanent makeup and permanent makeup IS a tattoo.  Microblading refers to a manual method technique (meaning we don’t use a machine) however the needles, pigments and process are the same.  Microblading creates a beautiful, delicate  and natural looking hairstroke.  The same results can be achieved with a machine…how good your brows look is all in the artist, not the method.

Click here to read the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional’s stance on Microblading

What kind of pigments do you use?

I use  high end, quality pigments specially formulated for permanent cosmetics to create one of a kind custom colors to match skin tone and style. By combining different colors I can achieve any color to match your skin tone, unique style and specific needs.  The pigments are iron oxide based which, contrary to rumor, are very safe in the skin, do not react to MRI and are FDA and EU approved.

Does it Hurt?

No.  topical numbing creams with 5% lidocaine (the highest available over the counter) are used to minimize pain and discomfort before and during the procedure.  During the healing process everyone is different and will have different experiences, but generally you may experience slight swelling and a little bit of soreness for a few days.  For this reason you should always get  permanent make up done when you have a few days where you wont have to wear traditional makeup.  If you  like, you can take a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol prior to the procedure (be sure to check with your pharmacist or doctor to be sure this is right for you), but please do not take aspirin or drink alcohol prior to your appointment.

How long does it take?

Before starting a procedure we will draw out  (in traditional makeup) the lines we will be using to guide the final look. This can sometimes take quite a while to make sure everything is perfect and that you are comfortable with the choices we have made. The actual tattooing process is not very long, but I make sure to set aside plenty of time so that you have my full,undivided attention and we are not rushed. Each appointment is booked with a specific amount of time assigned to it, please check the schedule for exact times.

Is it safe?

As long as your technician is using quality pigments and clean and sterile equipment are being used, permanent make up is safe.  Thousands of women of all ages , all over the world are successfully using permanent make up as an alternative to traditional makeup.  Permanent Makeup pigments meet or exceed FDA and EU standards for micro-pigmentation. Additionally, I follow state and industry standards and practices for safe tattooing.

How do I know that your equipment is sterile?

All equipment (needles, tubes, pigment, etc) are brand new, packaged and sterilized in single use pouches which will be opened in front of you at the time of your procedure and discarded afterwards.

I heard you can get cold sores from permanent makeup, is that true?

While it is of course possible to spread the virus that causes cold sores (herpes simplex) through unsanitary practices, it is more likely that you already have the virus in your system and it is brought out by the permanent makeup process.  Even if you haven’t had a cold sore in years (many of had them as small children) the virus never goes away, just lays dormant in your body, suppressed by your immune system.  During the process of a lip procedure, needles will be breaking the delicate skin of the lip and can actually cause the virus to “wake up” causing an outbreak.  If you know or suspect that you have had a cold sore in the past, you can ask your doctor for a prescription of anti-cold sore medications such as Valtrex.  If you do not want to take prescription medication you can go to your local drug store and look for a product called Lysine Plus which is a lip ointment that can be used before and after the procedure to prevent and treat breakouts as well as help along the healing process.  As with any tattoo or procedure which breaks the skin you want to avoid contact with dirt or bodily fluids until fully healed.

How long does it last?

Since the pigment is only being applied to the superficial layers of the skin, it will eventually fade and possibly even disappear altogether.  Depending on the person, skin care regiment and sun exposure you can expect to see some fading  between 1-5 years.  It is recommended that you use SPF 15 or higher to extend the life of your makeup.  Procedures such as exfoliation, waxing, chemical peels, or any process that removes layers of skin will speed up fading and are not recommended in the area of the procedure.

Who is it for?

Permanent make up is perfect for women with busy lifestyles, those who don’t want to be bothered or are restricted from putting make up on every day, those who, due to age or sickness have trouble applying make up, those who work out or swim avidly, busy mother’s, those who have lost eyebrows or eyelashes due to sickness or medical treatments, and women who simply want to enhance their features !

Is there any reason why someone should not get Permanent Make up?

If you have trouble healing, are prone to infection due to immune deficiency, are on certain medications that impair your ability to heal or have an acute illness you may want to talk to your doctor before having any kind of tattoo procedure. You doctor may have special instructions for you or your PMU technician.
You may not get a permanent cosmetic procedure, or any tattoo, if you are:
Pregnant or breast feeding
Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy (You must wait 12 months after completion of treatment)
Taking Accutane (You must wait 12 months after completion of treatment)

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