• Aftercare is essential to proper healing and favorable  results. During the tattooing process very fine needles will be breaking the skin and inserting the color pigment. This will leave the skin tender, possibly swollen and will produce some scabbing. It is important to follow aftercare instructions as closely as possible to avoid further damage to the skin, risk of infection and loss of color. 

After any tattooing procedure you will experience some swelling, irritation, and potentially bruising.

  • It is extremely important not to pick, scrub, or otherwise exfoliate the area. Doing so can pull out some of the pigment and cause scarring.
  • Keep out of the sun.  UV exposure during the first 30 days is essential as it can cause darkening (hyperpigmentation) of the skin and can result in unwanted color shifts.
  • Do not over saturate the area. Leave your PMU clean and dry, lightly moisturizing if needed. If the area is too saturated it can cause thick scabbing, and the moist, sticky environment is prone to catching and trapping dirt, germs and bacteria which can lead to infection.
  • Do not over clean- wipe gently with witchazel or a tattoo specific cleanser, blot dry.
  • Do not use traditional makeup, powders, or lotions with colors or fragrance until the scabs are off and the procedure has healed.
  • Do not get a facial, wax the area, use facial scrubs, chemical peels, fillers, or lasers until the procedure has completely healed. **Some facial lasers and other facial procedures can cause the pigments to react, please let your technician know that you have had a PMU procedure before getting those services.
Please follow the instructions *I* have given you.  Each artist has their own preferred method of healing and it is dependent on the techniques used.  Using other products can lead to poor healing, poor color retention, allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and more.
Please be aware that while I have given you detailed aftercare instructions, I am not a medical professional-so if you feel that you are experiencing something abnormal such as an allergic reaction or infection, only a Doctor can make or confirm a diagnosis.  If you have any concerns, please contact your doctor or medical professional.

Please feel free contact me at anytime with any other questions or concerns 347-815-4865

Leave the area as clean and dry as possible while scabs are on (usually 7-10 days).  This means washing AROUND the brows and keeping them out of the bath or shower.  Use witchazel or tattoo specific cleanser to gently clean the area once a day.

If it feels too dry/tight/itchy you can LIGHTLY moisturize with the aftercare product you were given at your appointment.  
DO NOT use Vaseline or other products with petroleum jelly as this will occlude (suffocate) the skin and cause “weeping”-which can lead to thick, crusty scabs and loss of pigment.

It’s not uncommon for the brows to look very dark, bold or reddish immediately after your appointment.  This is totally normal.  

It’s also not uncommon for the brows to look too light immediately after the scabs fall off.

Typically what we call “color bloom” occurs about 10-28 days.  During the healing process your skin is going through the different stages of healing and that affects the look of the color.  The final color is the color (or undertone) of your skin + the color of the pigment I gave you.   Just remember ” Too dark, too light, just right”…TRUST THE PROCESS!

You’ll have an opportunity to make any tweaks, corrections and adjustments at your followup visit!

Your lips will feel swollen and tender immediately after.  It’s important to use a cold compress to reduce swelling.  Using a cold compress at least 2-3x in the first day will greatly reduce the swelling-but remember that maximum swelling can occur for up to 72 hours- so don’t skip this part!

Day 1- your lips will feel tender and swollen.  Use cold compresses and the lips oil you received at your appointment-it has a few drops of numbing in it and that will help you feel more comfortable.
At this time the color of your lips will be bold and vibrant, and probably much brighter than the color you chose-this is normal.

Day 2- You will still feel tender and a little swollen.  Ice and numbing will help.  At this point you may notice the color starting to get darker.  This is normal and is part of the scabbing process.  

Day 3- your lips will be less swollen but will feel very dry and chapped. Unfortunately no amount of moisturizing is going to really satisfy you.  Keep using the numbing and ice.  At this time you can also start using the ointment you received at your appointment.  This is a NON-PETROLEUM based ointment, designed specifically for tattoos.  Do not use Vaseline or other petroleum based ointments as they will occlude (suffocate) the skin causing “weeping” which can lead to thick, crusty scabbing and loss of color/prolonged healing time.
Typically day 3 is the worst day and you’ll notice the scabbing starting to flake off as you move into day 4.

Once the scabs are off the lips will look very light and you’ll experience dryness for several weeks.  This is totally normal.

What we call “color bloom” occurs in the lips between 6 to 8 weeks.  You’ll have an opportunity to make tweaks, adjustments and corrections at your follow up appointment.  Remember, the final color is a combination of the color (or undertone) of your lips + the color I gave you.

Cleanse the lips with witchazel or a tattoo specific cleanser 1-3x daily.  Apply after care products you received as needed and Ice, Ice, Baby.  Fortunately the lips heal pretty fast-but remember:

  • Do not to pick or pull at the scabs
  • Do not touch with drity hands
  • Do not use lipstick, chapstick or other products other than what you were given
  • No Kissing until healed
  • Avoid acidic or spicy foods (you will not be happy)
  • Drink from a straw
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stay out of the sun


It is difficult to not talk, drink or eat while the procedure heals, so do so carefully and avoid overstretching the mouth, which can cause the scabs to rip or bleed. Moisturizing will help remedy this.

Eyeliner is probably the easiest of all the PMU procedures to heal.  

Your eyes may be swollen, red/irritated and you may feel a “gritty” feeling when you blink.  I think it feels a lot like when you wake up after a long night of crying.  Ice is your best remedy for this.  Be sure to ice at least 2-3x in the first day-this will greatly reduce overall swelling.  

  • Rince your eyes with cold water and gently pat dry.  Use over the counter eye drops to sooth any irritation.
  • Do not scrub, rub, pick or pull at the scabs.  
  • No eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner until completely healed

Eyes have a tendency to swell uneven-any asymmetry can be corrected at your follow up if it doesn’t resolve itself when then swelling subsides.

It is important to follow these directions to ensure the best possible results. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to unwanted results.

After your microneedling session (regardless of type) You will experience some redness/inflammation.  Your skin may be red/pink, or have red/pink lines or spots.  This typically subsides in 1 to 3 days.

    • Keep area clean and dry (other than applying serum/cream as recommended)
    • Wash with fragrance free sensitive skin wash (given at time of appointment) 1x daily. (CeraVe or Cetephil is also excellent) Tone with Witch Hazel.
    • Massage in serums/oils/stem cells that are recommended for your treatment plan 2x daily in treated area. Allow to soak in for 2-5 minutes, then apply the moisuturizer given at your appointment. (If you run out you can use  CeraVe or Cetaphil.) Always apply serums before moisturizer or creams. Serums go deeper than creams but must be worked into the skin.
    • Scars; Use pure Vitamin E oil (30,000 iu or higher) and Prosil Silicone Scar Treatment is recommended to be used on scars in conjunction with serums and moisturizers.
    • Stretch Marks; Use pure Hyaluronic acid once provided serums are finished being use.  You may top the Hyaluronic acid with sensitive skin moisturizer. Weight fluctuation (weight gain/loss) can negatively effect results.
    • FOR UV THERAPY : 12-24 Hours after procedure (for hypopigmentation-white discoloration/missing pigment/color) get 10-15 minutes of natural light or 5-7 minutes of artificial UV light (lowest setting bulbs at tanning booth) UVB or UVB/UVA rays are fine) on treated area 3x within the first 7 days post treatment to help bring back your skin’s natural color (melanin.) Do not get more sun or UV exposure than what specifically recommend while healing. Stay out of the sun other than instructed exposure time to avoid hyperpigmentation-some clients will not be advised to get UV Therapy as part of their treatment plan.

Area will feel like you have sunburn for 24-48 hours post procedure.
Slight redness and/or minor bleeding/oozing after procedure is normal. Using Witch Hazel will help soothe inflammation.

Microneedling relies on your body’s natural healing process.  Your body will begin producing collagen (and other goodies) in about 21 days from the time of the procedure and will continue for up to 90-120 days.

RF Microneedling has a tendency to “shake up” impurities deep in the skin, so purging (breaking out in acne) is not uncommon.

After this procedure you will likely have redness and irritation in the area affected.  
Keep the area clean using witchazel or tattoo specific cleanser.  

If you were given Saniderm/Tagaderm covering:

If the covering fills witha  liquid pocket, remove the dressing, clean, allow to dry and recover with the dressing as per the manufacturer instructions.  If you are using this type of dressing there is no further aftercare.  Leave the dressing on for 3-5 days at a time.  It’s water proof so there are no restrictions.  Keep the dressings on for at leasdt 6-8 days.  Once removed you will be completely healed.


If you are not using a Saniderm/Tagederm dressing:

You’ll have a liquid bandage/tattoo seal applied.  Keep the area clean and gently moisturize with the aftercare given at your appointment or a tattoo specific aftercare.

Do not wet/soak the area

Do not expose it to UV/Sun (unless otherwise instructed-see microneedling aftercare)