Permanent Make Up/ Cosmetic Tattooing/ Micropigmentation/Microneedling is the application of pigment  to the eyes, lips, eyebrows or other areas of the face to simulate make up.  The intention of permanent make up is to give a soft, natural make up look, or correct scars or other asymmetrical feature of the face, or create natural looking enhancement.  Traditional make up can always be applied over your permanent make up to achieve a more dramatic look.
  Numbing creams are used to minimize any discomfort.  Women all over the world are using PMU to achieve an every day make up look without having to apply traditional make up every morning.


Save time! Wake up every day with your make up already on!
No more worrying about staining your sheets when you fall asleep with out removing your make up
No smudged, smeared or faded eyeliner

No more faded lipstick or lip liner that “Bleeds”

No Sweating or rubbing off eyebrows

Thicker, fuller looking eyelashes without mascara

Decrease in fine lines around the eyes (daily application and removal of traditional eye makeup can pull on the eyes causing wrinkles)

Appearance of wearing make up without the heavy feel of cosmetic products.